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193. Why Where You Bank Matters w/ Gigi Hyland and Mike Schenk

Earn & Invest, March 15, 2021 Today we talk credit unions with Gigi Hyland and Mike Schenk and how they are different from other traditional banking establishments. Have you considered a credit union? Why not? Plus a new segment from the community. Are you an Earner or Investor? Learn More

Small businesses open their eyes to credit unions

When you practice the credit union motto of “people helping people,” your day doesn’t end at 5 p.m. I spend most of my evenings speaking with small business owners, in a socially distanced environment, advising them on different strategies to help them continue to meet payroll and handle other operational expenses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CU Difference Means Financial Well-Being For All

I remember learning in school the importance of “show, don’t tell.” I was taught to not just tell a story, but enrich it with details to make it more immersive to the reader. That lesson holds as true for credit union advocates as it did for me in grade school.

ICBA Plans Attacks on Credit Unions

The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) launched a campaign on Monday aimed at ending the “risky practices, costly tax subsidies, and irresponsibly lax oversight” of credit unions. The campaign has drawn criticism from the Credit Union National Association, which issued a statement refuting many of the ICBA’s claims.

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