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Another View: Credit unions are good for California

Nothing brings residents and fans together like the construction of a world-class downtown arena, a visible symbol of the region’s economic and cultural revival. The community continues to celebrate the historic announcement of a 20-year partnership between the Sacramento Kings and Sacramento’s own Golden 1 Credit Union.



Why Credit Unions Are Tax Exempt

Why Credit Unions Are Tax Exempt – Credit unions don’t pay federal income tax because we are not-for-profit financial cooperatives…



Differences Between Credit Unions and Banks Explained

What’s the difference between a traditional bank and a credit union? Well, think of it this way; banks are businesses owned by shareholders, credit unions are not-for-profit money cooperatives owned by those who belong to the credit union.



Credit Union Membership…Much More Than Ownership!

You’re part of a credit union–wonderful! But what, exactly, does that mean? How will it affect your day-to-day life? What does credit union membership mean for your checking account, your auto loan, and your financial future?



Oregon’s Economy Needs Not-For-Profit Credit Unions

A new analysis by the independent economic research firm ECONorthwest found that Oregon’s credit unions generated $1.9 billion in economic impact in 2014.

The realities behind this top-line figure show that not-for-profit cooperative credit unions are foundational to the state’s economy.